tom, endre and i had way too much fun playing on cricket's "trans-love airways" radio show this past saturday nite on listener-supported KKUP 91.5 FM in cupertino, california.  we got to sit in the "vinyl room" while we tripped on some of the tunes from our new album, then had a keen chat in the control room where frivolity ensued.  be on the lookout for some videos to find their way up on youtube (rumor has it there's a "behind the scenes" performance of a tom jones' hit, but you didn't hear it from me...).

it is with much sadness that we learn about the passing of the great and talented doug sax, mastering engineer for so many famous albums and artists, and who mastered our album last year.  doug made us feel like we were worthy, and lent us his amazing ears to make our humble aural offering the best it could sound (and treated us to lunch at his favourite thai restaurant up the street).  farewell to you, mr. sax, and thank you for sharing your talents with us all.  you will be greatly missed, peace...

much obliged to doug mcdonald for helping with the creation of this site.  dig the colours and background and design!!  doug did all the artwork for the cd packaging as well.  *whew*

"With a psychedelic sound that incorporates Middle Eastern and Indian influences, San Francisco-based band The Liquid Scene's sound could be considered the love child of Ravi Shankar and George Harrison, and it's gorgeous.  Hear 'The Mystery Machine' as an example of their beautiful product."  ~ The Revue

psyched (pun fully intended) to learn we got one of our songs on the latest compilation from the Psychedelic Underground Generation out of belgium.  our sitar-tinged track "in my water room" is included among some great artists.     thanks, PUG!!

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